Unbelievable, but true!

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Summary table: Conventional VSAT: END OF LIFE, All offers moving to HIGH SPEED VSAT: GoSAT

GoSAT PACKAGE Speed Month Price Order
GoSAT Home 5GB* 5/3**Mbps 1 16€ add
GoSAT Home 10GB* 10/3**Mbps 1 30€ add
GoSAT Home 20GB* 10/3**Mbps 1 52€ add
GoSAT Home 30GB* 10/3**Mbps 1 70€ add
GoSAT Pro 50GB* 20/3**Mbps 1 100€ add
GoSAT Pro 100GB* 20/3**Mbps 1 180€ add
GoSAT Pro 300GB* 20/3**Mbps 1 520€ add
GoSAT Pro 500GB* 20/3**Mbps 1 840€ add
VB 1GB (Speed= main plan) 6€ add
VB 2GB (Speed= main plan) 10€ add

[*] All prices HW & BW are subject to one year paid subscription

* Volume applies to both downlink and uplink usages

** Reduced speed once the allowance is exhausted : 128 kbps for Konnect Home, 256 kbps for Konnect Pro except 500GB, and 512 kbps for the 500GB


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