satellite broadband system

Waka Mini VSAT is a 3 in one satellite broadband system:

Internet, VOIP and TV are now at your reach at an affordable price.

Specially designed for home and small offices, Waka can connect you even in the most remote locations. Using state of the art technology and bandwidth speed tailored to your needs you can now browse the internet, make low rate local and international calls and watch hundreds of TV channels via satellite broadband system.

Small offices in search of the internet?

Waka (office internet providers) gives you the flexibility you need in order to grow your business and keep you connected. Reduce your phone call cost by using the VOIP.

Does your home need the internet?

Enjoy the comfort of having a good broadband connection directly at your home. Stay in touch with your friends and family over the phone using VOIP and relax watching your favorite TV channels. Waka offers you all in one.

Why choose Waka?

Easy antenna pointing within minutes without the need for expensive Antenna pointing tools:

Satellite Broadband System office internet providers

home internet providers

office internet providers


GoSat Africa provides the best installation, the most reliable antenna and the best customer relationship management possible when you subscribe to our service. The installation of your kit is done in less than 24 hours.

Our system does not require any additional software, no matter which option you choose, you can be sure that the installation will be quickly and simply done with just a few basic tools.

Our technicians can guarantee you an installation experience of the highest quality and speed.

They have been handpicked for their expertise and high quality services, to ensure that your service is configured properly and in a timely manner.

Contact our customer service and let them do everything from payment to delivery.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Administrative: Fill out the activation form of the site in order to receive the activation key for the engineer who will use it on the site
  2. In the field:
  • Make a site survey to determine the ideal location for installation
  • Then do civil engineering as needed for the mat or fix a Trimas
  • Then make the pointing of the antenna with pointing parameter (SBC loading, GPS, Choice of the beam, etc.)
  • Then sharpen the score and make sure the signal level is 100 or higher before synchronizing the modem for the internet
  • Finally cable passage and connection of the modem to the local network

GOSAT Box is the offer that allows you to have all the necessary equipment for a good reception of the satellite signal (an antenna, a modem, an iLNB, connection cables.)

Your GoSat Box is composed of:

  • A satellite dish (74 cm in diameter)
  • 1Watts transmission / reception head (iLNB)
  • IP modem HTS 2200
  • Ethernet cable 30m coaxial cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Grounding kit
  • Mounting tool
  • Wi-Fi option

GOSAT Box is a satellite signal (an antenna, a modem, an iLNB, connection cables.)

33 African countries covered
24/7 Customer Assistance.
15 years telecom experience
Speed up to 50 Mbps